Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

Fraternal Value of the Week – Pi Kappa Alpha Values of “The True Pike”


Our next Fraternal Value of the Week comes from the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, or Pike. Their value code, “The True Pike,” is split up into four sections, representing four commitments – “To Myself,” “To My Brothers,” “To My Fraternity,” and “To My Community.” All four of these commitments push Pike brothers to become better men that can help their communities, two of the commitments, “To My Brothers” and “To My Community” do require a commitment to promoting consent on their campuses.

“To My Brothers”

to challenge all brothers to uphold this code and hold accountable those who do not
to respect the dignity of all; not to tolerate physical or mental abuse of any human being
to seek and fulfill leadership roles and participate energetically in Fraternity activities
to encourage my chapter to establish and enforce rigorous academic standards
to urge my chapter not to tolerate abuse of alcohol or drugs
to actively recruit new members who I believe will uphold the Fraternity’s values
to participate enthusiastically in an education program to inculcate our values

As brothers, we are supposed to hold each other accountable to be the best that we can be. A Pike brother’s responsibility to his brothers is to respect others and not to tolerate abuse of individuals. This commitment holds them to stopping sexual assault as well as promoting a culture of consent. It’s a hard conversation to have, but talking with your brothers about the language they use or the actions they take is an important part of helping your brothers become better people. The True Pike code goes above this pledge to say that brothers should participate in education that reinforces their values. Consent education is a great way to teach brothers how to follow their commitment to “respect the dignity of all”.

“To My Community”

to protect the health and safety of others
to participate in campus activities, and stay involved with my alma mater beyond my graduation
to foster good relationships with the University faculty and administration
to serve my community through participation in civic organizations and events

The first commitment Pike brothers make to their community is “to protect the health and safety of others.” Promoting a culture of consent – making their events safer, believing survivors, encouraging conversations around consent with their brothers – is an action of making their campus, their community, safer and healthier. They can further support this commitment by participating in campus events around consent and prevention of sexual assault. Brothers taking a lead in making their campus safer lets them serve their community in a way that promotes the other parts of the value code.

The Pike code ends by saying “Only by so doing, can I fulfill my commitment to Pi Kappa Alpha and be worthy to count myself a True Pike.” By supporting a culture of consent within their chapter and on campus, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity upholds themselves as “True Pikes” who represent why Consent is So Frat.

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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