Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

Fraternal Value of the Week – The Five Core Values of Beta Theta Pi’s “Men of Principle”

Beta Theta Pi

This week, we’re highlighting the five core values of Beta Theta Pi, who highlight how to develop the best of their members through their Men of Principle initiative. These five values – mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct, and integrity – not only promote leadership and strength within their members, but also call on them to promote consent and be allies in ending sexual violence on campus.

Mutual Assistance

Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.

Mutual Assistance, as defined by Beta Theta Pi, demands of men to do these honorable works. By being a courageous bystander – calling out sexist comments and catcalls, challenging your fraternity to have policies making your events safe, stepping in when you see something happening – is mutual assistance in action. Promoting consent within your organization is not only acting in a way that lives up to this value, but encouraging others, especially your brothers, to live up to this value as well. Beta brothers should be allies to efforts on campuses to end sexual violence, because that is truly following this value, helping the countless others on campus who are doing what is honorable by advocating for change.

Intellectual Growth

Betas are devoted to continually cultivating their minds, including high standards of academic achievement.

While may not linking to promoting consent as clearly as the other four values, I believe that part of college students devotion to learning is to learn and understand how to promote consent and help to end sexual violence. As men, but more generally as young adults, it is on us to understand these issues so that we can make our campus and our community safer.


Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others.

To trust your brother, to know he truly has your back, is to know he will help you to live up to the values of your fraternity. Trust that your brothers and have your brothers trust you that you all will hold each other to promote consent, to be allies in ending sexual violence, and to be Men of Principle who will do what is right.

Responsible Conduct

Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them.

To live up to responsible conduct as a value is not just to “not” do things that are wrong, to “not” commit acts of sexual violence. But to be the value of responsible conduct, a brother of Beta Theta Pi promotes and encourages responsible conduct, working with their brothers to create a culture in which responsible conduct is expected. By, as an organization, becoming leaders in efforts to end sexual violence, you are telling other Greek organizations, incoming rushes, and the broader campus community that you value responsible conduct and consent.


Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.

Here, the Beta Theta Pi Core Values wrap up perfectly why Betas should promote consent and be allies in ending sexual violence on campus. To be a Beta, you not only act in a way that promote consent, but you demand the same from your brothers. It is unquestionable that to do what is morally right is to be an organization that is safe and promotes the best of your campus. To value consent is to live up to this code, to be a man of integrity.

The Five Core Values of Beta Theta Pi are a clear message to what being a Beta means. To be a Beta is to learn about sexual violence and to become an organization that values and demands a culture of consent from its members. We’re encouraged that brothers of Beta Theta Pi will take a stand against sexual violence to be #brothersforconsent who make consent part of what it means to be a fraternity brother.

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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