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Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

So Frat Friday: Your Guide to Halloween


Halloween is a great part of college life. Parties, concerts, and other events on campus make it a fun night (or two!) to celebrate with your friends. So it’s important that we think about how to have a safe and successful Halloween. Here’s a guide about how to live your values while still having a fun time.

Good Parties are Fun and Safe

If your chapter is putting together a Halloween party, I’m sure you want it to be a good one. To be a good party, it’s important that it’s both fun and safe, so that everyone can enjoy it. Here are some important safety guidelines for your parties that not only make them successful, but can help prevent sexual assault:

1) Sober patrol: Having sober members walking around the party making sure everyone is having fun and being safe is important. Not only can this person assist individuals who are too drunk, but they can also be there to prevent sexual violence or support someone needing help at the party.
2) Have easily identifiable members: Wear your letters or other identifying clothing, so that people who need help or have questions know who to ask. This can make a big difference if someone sees something happening at your party.
3) Members at the entrance: I’m sure many chapters already have members posted at the entrance – checking ID’s, keeping the amount of people inside under control – but this can also be a great safety measure. Not letting in people who are too drunk, and checking with people leaving if they’re okay, can prevent bad things from happening. If you see two people leaving the party together and one seems a bit too drunk, check to make sure s/he is okay. It can’t hurt to ask and it could help prevent something terrible.
4) Make your Party co-ed: Partnering with another organization to make a co-ed run space can mean twice the amount of people to patrol/be identifiable and make people feel more comfortable asking for help.

Many chapters already have guidelines like these already. Chapters that work to make their parties safer will have better parties.

Halloween Drinking

Drinking is as tied to college Halloween as crazy costumes. When you’re enjoying your Halloween drinks, be sure to know how alcohol is related to consent.

The clear answer is, when a person is drunk, they can’t consent. Being drunk isn’t someone “asking for it,” people enjoy drinking on Halloween without wanting to have sex.

The question is then: if I have been drinking, and my partner has been drinking, can we have sex? If both you and your partner are able to give clear, enthusiastic yes’ to having sex, then great! Go on and have a great end to a Halloween night. If either of you isn’t able to do so, because of inebriation or anything else, then you can’t give consent. If you’re not sure, why not wait? Have sex in the morning!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend, just make sure that before you have sex, you’re both able to enthusiastically consent.


No Halloween weekend would be complete without a killer costume (or two). Here are some important things to remember around costumes for Halloween:

1) Costumes≠Consent. It’s important to remember that regardless of what someone wears, that doesn’t mean they’re consenting to anything. Crude comments about someone’s costume aren’t chill, and they certainly ruin someone’s Halloween. Additionally, just because someone is wearing something you like, doesn’t mean they want to have sex with you or anyone that night. No Halloween costume means they were asking for it.
2) Your Costumes/Themes Represent Your Chapter. In addition to having culturally appropriate costumes/themes, your chapter and your members shouldn’t have costumes or themes that do not promote a culture of consent. You can still have an awesome, “office wear” themed party without calling it “CEO’s and Office Hoes”. You can still have a creative and fun costume without being disrespectful.

Check out this video, more on being respectful with Halloween costumes (and a bit of humor as well).

Consent is So Frat wishes everyone a happy, safe, and fun Halloween weekend!

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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