Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

Fraternal Value of the Week – The Core Values of Alpha Sigma Alpha


This week’s value is from the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, who develops “women of poise and purpose” who also can, based on their core values, promote consent and be allies in preventing sexual violence. The Core Values of Alpha Sigma Alpha are:


Balance, the first value of Alpha Sigma Alpha, gives a perspective of how to approach the other values, as “Alpha Sigma Alphas balance the needs of others in our lives with the needs of the self.” A sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha knows the need to live her values both in her interactions with others and in her individual growth. In terms of promoting consent, this means not only talking with her sisters, friends, family, etc. about what they can do to promote consent and prevent sexual violence, but also reflecting internally and educating herself on the subject. All Greek members should strike this balance to improve themselves and others at the same time

Generosity as a value means that “Alpha Sigma Alphas give of themselves to each other and to the community.” A sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha works with the rest of their chapter to create a culture which promotes consent, to educate themselves to be allies in preventing sexual violence. Generosity may not always be easy in this case, as it might involve challenging each other, but it will lead to the growth of each member of your chapter. Same with the Greek community, working with other chapters who are also working with their members to promote a culture of consent can have a large impact. Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters who connect with other Greeks, both fraternities and sororities, to work to promote consent within all of Greek life are living this value wholeheartedly.

Growth, as said above, is about educating yourself and learning how you can best, as an individual and as a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, promote a culture of consent and help to prevent sexual violence.

Integrity is “possessing high moral principles.” Being a chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha whose “thought word and deed” promote a culture of consent means you are a chapter of integrity. This doesn’t mean every single thing you think, say or do is about this issue, but rather that these things are in line with supporting survivors and encouraging consent.

Learning is not something that ends, as Alpha Sigma Alpha says its a “lifelong learning model”. Learning how best to promote consent isn’t something that can be taught, at least not quickly. Rather it’s about educating oneself and learning, over time, how as a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha you can best create this culture.

Relationships, according to the core values of Alpha Sigma Alpha, are “based on honest communication and demonstrate respect and care for other individuals. In addition to respecting the value of consent and being supportive of survivors as part of living these kinds of relationships, challenging the beliefs and attitudes of those close to you to help them grow as a person is part of having a good relationship. Though hard, honest communication and respect means taking a stand to help those you care about.

Responsibility means to live the Alpha Sigma Alpha values, a sister understands “that with each privilege comes responsibility.” We all know it is a privilege to be Greek and have this fantastic community, part of that privilege is a responsibility to make our chapters and schools the best they can be. That means working to make sure Greek life at your school values a culture of consent, and works to prevent sexual violence both with your organizations and within the entire school. The value of responsibility reads: “We hold each other accountable to live up to Alpha Sigma Alpha’s ideals.” Even when it is difficult, holding fellow Greeks, both sisters and not, accountable to promoting consent is part of living these values.

Enjoyment is a key part to a culture of consent. It can’t be said enough, promoting consent and preventing sexual violence is about making sure everyone is safe and can have a great time. To do so is to enjoy life and make sure others can enjoy it as well.

The Core Values of Alpha Sigma Alpha create a culture in which sisters can create an environment that is welcoming and safe for everyone. To promote consent within this culture means sisters and chapters are recognizing the need to prevent sexual violence in order to create this culture and make sure all people can enjoy that environment. Sisters can take action within their chapters and within the Greek community to live their values by means of education and awareness. Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha can and are promoting consent in order to, as their creed says, “love life and joyously live each day to its ultimate good”.

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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