Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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We were thrilled to be accepted to the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Central Conference this January as part of their programming for students, Greek life advisors, and national organization staff. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to share what we’ve been doing as well as the great work our campus representatives and partner organizations have done with us to make promoting consent and preventing sexual violence part of being Greek. This will give us the chance to make connections with organizations and have a greater network of partners in this work.

Unfortunately, as a new non-profit organization ran by college students and recent graduates, we simply don’t have the money to afford attending this conference. While we are an accepted program of AFLV, we still have to pay for registration, travel, and a hotel room.

That’s where you come in. We appreciate all the support we have received from students, chapters, schools, and national organizations. We’re asking that you help us continue to provide support to the efforts Greek organizations are making to prevent sexual assault on campus by contributing however you can to this campaign. Donate as an individual, as a chapter, or as a Greek Life community! The platform, Crowdrise, is great for new non-profits, however it does have a $10 minimum donation; we encourage chapters or groups to donate together if individually you don’t want to donate $10. We appreciate your commitment to our work and your recognition of how this opportunity can help us provide better support for you.

The breakdown of the costs are as follows:

$400 – Conference Registration
$300 – Hotel
$300 – Flight

Any money raised above $1000 will go into other work of Consent is So Frat.

Donate Here!


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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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