Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

Happy Holidays from Consent is So Frat!

Holiday Consent is So Frat

The holiday season is underway and here at Consent is So Frat we’re getting into the spirit, heading home after the semester or from work to be with our friends and families. So Consent is So Frat, like the schools we work with, will be on break until 2015. Before we go though, we wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday season and to list some of the things we’re thankful for, in no particular order.

  • We’re thankful for the devoted work of all of our campus representatives, who put in so much effort on top of their busy school schedules to spread Consent is So Frat in their Greek community and work to promote consent and prevent sexual assault at their school. Consent is So Frat is only as strong as the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters who make up the movement, we couldn’t be prouder of the strength of our reps.

  • We’re thankful for the schools that have welcomed Consent is So Frat to their campus, either in person or through frequent communication. They have put the faith in their Greek community to become the best they can be, working hard to lift up the values of their organizations to create a Greek culture of consent. Particular shout out to Frostburg State University for their faith in the early stages of Consent is So Frat to bring us to their campus and pilot our curriculum with their fantastic fraternities.

  • We’re thankful for the national organizations who we’ve begun to work with, both in the fraternal and sexual violence prevention worlds. We’re looking forward to fantastic partnerships with incredible organizations that want to create a Greek community that promotes consent and prevents sexual violence. Thankful of close friend-organizations of Consent is So Frat like Party with Consent, Breakthrough, Quad, and Go Greek Now.

  • We’re thankful for all those who interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our social media helps us connect with the community and share the fantastic work of Greek organizations. Many of our partnerships, both on campus and nationally, come from our social media. Special shout out to our strongest supporters on social media, @SororitySailor, @MTSUFSL/@IFCMTSU and @breakthrough!

  • Finally, we’re thankful for the fantastic Greek organizations, those we work with and those we aren’t yet, or are standing up against sexual assault and working to make our organizations the best they can be. Consent is So Frat continues because of the example you set.

It’s hard not to be thankful after the experiences we’ve had these past few months, starting and growing Consent is So Frat into the organization it is today. We look forward to another great year helping to make promoting consent and preventing sexual violence part of what it means to be Greek!

Happy holidays and see you next year!


Matt, Emma, Erin, and Andy
The Consent is So Frat Team

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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