Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

Fraternal Value of the Week – The Five Core Values of Phi Gamma Delta


This past week, Phi Gamma Delta had their annual Fiji Academy, where they hosted Dr. Keith Edwards to give his presentation “Men Ending Rape”.


It is fantastic to see a national fraternity bring in this presentation for their leadership, recognizing the importance of training fraternity leaders in preventing sexual assault. Phi Gamma Delta also provides awesome informational documents about sexual assault and consent on their national website. The Five Core Values of Phi Gamma Delta clearly have brought the national organization to work towards a culture of consent, and that is why they are the Fraternal Value of the Week.


To Phi Gamma Delta, friendship is what “brings us together and is the basis of our brotherhood”. It is important that a fraternity be based on friendships that encourage growth and the best a brother can be. Part of a strong, brotherly friendship is being able to challenge each other, if the goal is the betterment of the brother. Challenging a brother’s negative attitudes around consent and sexual assault, when done to help them be a better person and brother, is true friendship. A brother of Fiji who is able to help his brother in this way is living this value.


Knowledge is the “primary reason [Phi Gamma Delta] members attend college and the key to a fuller, richer life.” Knowledge is both the information learned in the classroom and the experiences gained outside of it. Just as fraternity brothers gain the knowledge of leadership, philanthropy, and other important skills from their chapter, they should also gain skills around healthy relationships, promoting consent, and preventing sexual assault. Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta recognize the importance of this knowledge as a way to improve themselves and their chapter. This knowledge will help create a better and safer chapter as well as give them important skills for the real world. By participating in bystander intervention and consent education, brothers are recognizing and living the value of knowledge.


The Value of Service, for Phi Gamma Delta, is “in recognition of our obligation to give back to the campus and community that foster our growth.” It is important for part of this service to include participating in your school’s efforts to prevent sexual assault on campus. Helping to organize events with other campus groups, being a part of conversations on the topic, and reflecting the campus efforts in your chapter are all ways to give back to your campus and its community, fostering its growth alongside yours.


Morality is the commitment of Phi Gam brothers “to do what is right in all our relationships”. This commitment is made by brothers to friends, peers and romantic relationships. Brothers can have conversations with their friends and peers about consent and healthy relationships, helping them do what is right. For all relationships, to support survivors is to live morally, doing what is right to create a culture of consent on campus. For your romantic relationships, gaining the knowledge about healthy relationships and consent so that you know how to do what is right. Morality means understanding what consent and healthy relationships mean, and living by those skills and that knowledge.


A Phi Gamma Delta brother lives Excellence by “the achievement of the full potential of the chapter and the individual members”. To do so is to live the other four values and to work them into the culture of your chapter. For a chapter to achieve excellence in creating a culture of consent, they can work to make promoting consent and preventing sexual assault part of what it means to be in Phi Gamma Delta.

It is clear from their national efforts that Phi Gamma Delta is already working to achieve Excellence – and to live the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, and Morality – when it comes to a culture of consent. The values ingrained into their organization make a commitment to Phi Gamma Delta brothers to work to make consent a fraternity value.

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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