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FratPAC Backs Off Sexual Assault Lobbying

FratPAC Victory

Recently we learned that FratPAC, the NIC, and the NPC (making up the FGRC) have decided to no longer lobby for any legislation on sexual assault this April. We are so grateful to have made such an impact so soon. This wouldn’t have happened if not for the countless people— Greeks and non-Greeks, activists and concerned students— who stood up to tell national Greek leadership that this agenda would only hurt survivors of sexual violence and reporting numbers on college campuses. We want to thank individuals who signed our petition, national organizations and Greek communities who shared our cause on social media, news organizations who broadcasted our message, and the people who made it their mission to make their voices heard. This is a victory for campuses and the Greek community, and also for all of you who helped make it happen. It hasn’t been easy. But April was an opportunity for us Greeks to recognize that living our values does not always mean protecting and siding with people just because they too wear letters; to live our values we must side with those working to create a safer campus, and we feel we are on our way.

The letter, posted publicly by The Huffington Post, details how the FGRC will use the time originally meant for lobbying on this agenda:

When our national leaders are in Washington on April 29, we will use a portion of our time in Congressional offices to talk about what our organizations are already doing to combat campus sexual assault and provide assistance to those students who are affected by such violence. We will also be seeking to engage each Congressional office to better understand what they do and don’t know about the campus sexual assault problem, and how we can help with proposed solutions.

While we are excited that FGRC now plans to share Greek successes and to learn more from Congress, we hope that they will not stop there. Our work is not done. What we continue to ask from these groups is that they listen to the individuals who signed our petition. Greek leadership must take heed of campus educators, student and professional activists, and most importantly, survivors. We ask them to increase the connection between their proposals and the beliefs and values of students. We urge FSPAC, NIC, and NPC, as members of FGRC, to maintain open dialogue between all individuals who want to be part of the conversation.

In the letter, Greek leadership notes, “we expect our conversations to lead us to actively endorse such proposals later in the year when Congress considers reauthorizing the Higher Education Act.” We hope reflection leads to a positive Greek influence on future legislation; however allies must remain vigilant in pushing FratPAC, NIC, and NPC to do what is best for survivors on campus, as reauthorizing the Higher Ed Act is quickly approaching. We will continue to work hard to help reform Greek leadership on this issue, joining with the vibrant and growing movement to create a safer campus for all, and we ask you to join us. Please continue to spread the petition and have these conversations in your communities. The work is not over, but we have shown the power in voicing what is right.

With gratitude,

Julia Dixon, PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment
Matt Leibowitz, Consent is So Frat

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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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