Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

A New Year of School, A New Consent is So Frat

CSF Back to School

Welcome back to school! Classes are starting and for some chapters so is recruitment. We’re excited for another year of brothers, sisters, chapters, and entire Greek communities working to create a culture of consent within Greek Life! With the new school year, Consent is So Frat will be going through some changes, to help us grow as an organization and to better help you make consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be Greek.

We’re excited to announce that Erin Shannon will be stepping into the role of Executive Director. Erin previously served as our Operations and Campus Representative Program Director and is currently a senior at The College of New Jersey. While we are sad that Matt will be leaving us to go to law school, we look forward to the fantastic work that Erin will do at the helm!

Campus Structure

To help campuses establish long lasting initiatives and projects with Consent is So Frat, we will be moving to a chapter system on campuses. Our campus reps have been doing a fantastic job, and we hope that the chapter system will give further support to the work they have done. Each chapter will serve as a branch of Consent is So Frat on a campus – made up of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters from multiple organizations in the Greek community, the chapter will be able to have a greater reach on campus. We hope that a Consent is So Frat chapter can be a leader both in the Greek community and in the broader campus working to prevent sexual violence.

Individuals interested in starting a Consent is So Frat Chapter can apply here

We have worked to create a basic chapter structure that will provide the necessary positions to run a Consent is So Frat chapter. Of course, we encourage chapters to change the roles to fit their needs. You can find the chapter structure and chapter mission statement here

National Structure

We hope to similarly expand our national structure to open the door to more individuals interested in a larger commitment to Consent is So Frat. While Consent is So Frat is operated entirely by volunteers, we hope the opportunity provides experience in working on a national sexual violence campaign and to work with Greeks across the country creating a culture of consent. Individuals interested should email us at with a cover letter detailing the positions you are interested in and a resume. A list of positions can be found below:

Consent is So Frat Co-Chairs (2)

    Run Meetings
    Face of Organization

Communications Chair (1)

    Social Media
    Interaction with media

Chapter Coordinators (2)

    Liaisons for chapters
    Keep track of chapter roster, chapter actions

Management Coordinator (1)

    Run the operations of the organization

Program Coordinator (1)

    Develop and maintain CSF programming

Outreach Coordinator (1)

    Work to reach out to more colleges, national groups, and other possible partners

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this point, supporting us as we grew this past year. We are excited to see all the exciting things that fraternity brothers and sorority sisters will do across the country to show that Consent is So Frat!


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Consent is So Frat

Making consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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